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March 2016

Weekly Energy Forecast: Slow Down

Having finally come down off the high from last week's full moon energy (it was a biggie - did you feel it?), I'm starting to get caught up on things, both personally and professionally. I'm not alone in feeling that... Continue Reading →

Universal Energy Reading: Full Moon in Libra, March 23, 2016

The moon goes full this Wednesday morning, March 23, 2016, and along with it come the themes of balance, transformation, cleansing, and relationships, not to mention a lunar eclipse. So here is this moon cycle's Universal Energy Reading, providing us... Continue Reading →

Meditations On the Death Card

I first saw it a few weeks ago, after I did an informal reading for a friend: I happened to glance at the bottom of my deck as I held it in my hands, and saw the Death card. It... Continue Reading →

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