Pardon my French, but holy fucking hell: have you been feeling it this week? Things are just sort of “off”? Maybe things are REALLY “off”? Are you feeling lost, confused, confunded? Does it feel as though you’re taking two steps forward and four steps back? Are you wading through energetic muck up to your armpits?

Yep, you’re not alone. We’re definitely being bombarded with some intense energy right now. Between the historic alignment of the planets and the recent solar flares that are speeding their little cosmic hearts towards Earth, things are starting to feel shook up. The status quo isn’t so quo anymore, and we’re being asked to think twice about what we’re doing.

Have you noticed lots of delays and false starts in the last week or two? This is time to slow down and reflect. The Universe is giving you time to make some space here, so take advantage of that. You’re being asked: to what am I really ready to commit? Am I recognizing and accepting of my gifts and talents? What else can I do here to move forward? What other options are available to me?

With this energy comes some major shifts in our consciousness and the way we perceive our world. This is a good time to remind yourself that just because a situation looks a certain way to you doesn’t mean that your perceptions are accurate. Don’t forget that we view our world through a lens, and that lens can be clouded by past experience, attachments, and expectations. Just when you think things are going smoothly, you’ll experience what could be perceived as a setback – but in reality, it’s simply an energy shift, asking us to re-direct ourselves and view things through a different lens.

What’s the major takeaway here? Wake up. Be open to accepting your gifts. Be open to receiving what you haven’t been willing to in the past. The card I pulled from my deck for myself the other day was The Star, symbolizing a perfect blending of the best from both past and present.

The StarThe energy of this card reminds me of the existence of a world that is not to be seen. Seeing may be believing, but there is a world beyond that to show us what we just know. It’s here, in the dark, that we can access the things that we “see” with something more than just our 5 senses.

I asked my friend the other day, “Why do we do yoga and meditate? Oh, right, it’s so that when we get to a place like this where we’re faced with the tough choices, the things that frighten us, we have the tools necessary to go deeper into ourselves and use what we just “know” to move us forward through life.

Take comfort in the fact that there are no wrong choices. Everything is just as it was meant to be. No matter which path you choose, it will be the right one.