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Changing With the Seasons

Well, well, well. Here we are. It has been one hell of a carnival ride this year, hasn't it? And as we move into autumn, I'm changing things up. Letting go of old things that aren't working anymore, looking forward... Continue Reading →

Tarot for Beltane!

I ain't gonna lie, this has been one hell of a challenging couple of months. I sort of glided into Beltane this morning feeling like there are so many things that I have released that I've hit that big, deep,... Continue Reading →

Timing and Tarot

Let me start this blog by telling you a story. Many moons ago, I worked as a veterinary technician for a small clinic. One of the veterinarians came in one morning with an incredible story to tell. A client had... Continue Reading →

3 Tarot Decks For Spring Readings

I know, I know...we're about a month into spring according to the calendar, but up here in the northern Adirondacks, it still feels like winter. We're still firing up the wood stove every night and every morning, and even though... Continue Reading →

Divination In the Digital Age, Part 1 – Oracle Card Apps For Your Mobile Devices

It seems like everything is going digital these days. Books and magazines can be read on an electronic device. Forms and documents can all be "signed" electronically, without ever actually touching paper to pen. Long gone are the days when... Continue Reading →

The Buddy System: Pairing Decks For In-Depth Readings

Part of my morning routine includes sitting down to breakfast with my 9-year-old and drawing a few cards from whatever deck I happen to be working with at the time. One some mornings, though, I feel the need to use... Continue Reading →

The Major Arcana and The Fool’s Journey

Take out any Tarot deck, and the first 22 cards that you see are the Major Arcana cards - also called the (ahem) Trump cards. (For political reasons, I'm just gonna call 'em the Major Arcana. You know why.) These... Continue Reading →

How to Read Tarot Cards: When Your Tarot Reading Is All Major Arcana

Holeeeeeeee moly. A few months ago, I was in the middle of the first module of my 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training, when I thought it might be a good idea to draw a few cards for myself before... Continue Reading →

Can Your Tarot Deck Go Wonky?

I belong to a couple of Tarot groups on Facebook, and the other day, I saw someone asked this question: "Has anyone ever had a deck just suddenly go wonky and give you messed up readings? What do you do... Continue Reading →

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